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DR BARRY CLARK (DIRECTOR) has a PhD in marine and estuarine ecology from the University of Cape Town (1997). Barry has worked on marine biology, ecology, fisheries and coastal zone management, conservation planning and environmental impact assessments in tropical, subtropical and temperate ecosystems throughout Africa and the Middle East. He excels in multidisciplinary research, team leadership, project management, and scientific research.
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DR JANE TURPIE (DIRECTOR) obtained a PhD in the behavioural ecology of estuarine birds in 1994 (University of Cape Town) and later trained in resource economics. Her work has included estuarine ecology, assessment of freshwater requirements of estuaries, quantification and valuation of ecosystem services, community use of natural resources, ecological-economic modelling, conservation incentives and financing, integrated conservation and development planning, and integrated river basin management.
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DR KEN HUTCHINGS (SENIOR CONSULTANT) has a PhD in fishery biology, taxonomy and stock assessment from the University of Cape Town (2005). He has first hand practical and research experience of several South African fishery sectors. His primary research interests are marine and estuarine ecology, fisheries and natural resource management.
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DR MEGAN LAIRD (SENIOR CONSULTANT) has a PhD in Marine Biology (2013) and a BSc. honours in Zoology both from the University of Cape Town. Megan specialises in marine invertebrate biodiversity and taxonomy and is experienced in rocky and sandy shore studies, marine specialist reports, effluent outfall modelling and toxicity studies.
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DR BRUCE MOSTERT (CONSULTANT) has a PhD specialising in mangrove ecology and and the effects of climate change on crab physiology (2015), a MSc. investigating macroalgal invertebrate assemblage changes associated with upwelling over large scales (2010) and a BSc. honours in Marine Biology (2007) from Rhodes University.
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MR AIDEN BICCARD (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. in Marine Zoology (2012), specialising in invertebrate taxonomy and systematics, and a BSc. honours (2007), which incorporated projects focusing on nutrient cycling in nearshore upwelling marine environments and small mammal pollination in Proteaceae, from the University of Cape Town.
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MS GWYNETH LETLEY (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. in Conservation Biology (University of Cape Town, 2010) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Economics (University of London, 2014). Her primary interests are in natural resource economics and integrated conservation and development planning.
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MS KATHERINE FORSYTHE (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town (2013), specialising in ecosystem function and restoration, and a BSc. honours majoring in ecology (2008) from the University of Sydney. Her primary interests are in landscape-scale functional ecology and conservation.
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MS VERA LIEBAU (CONSULTANT) has a BSc. honours in Environmental Management (2011) and an MSc. in Conservation Biology (2013) from the University of Cape Town. Her studies linked marine ecology and environmental resource management to South Africa’s current environmental legislation governing intertidal resource exploitation.
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MR ROGAN HARMER (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. in soft-bottom macrofaunal ecology (2015) and a BSc. honours (2012) in marine biology from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He is a class IV commercial diver and has experience in a range of laboratory and field techniques.
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MRS ERIKA BROWN (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. in Biological Oceanography (University of Cape Town,2012). She has research experience in phytoplankton and invertebrate community structure as well as invertebrate taxonomy. She currently is focused on marine spatial planning and natural resource management via mapping and modelling.
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MR OLWETHU DUNA (CONSULTANT) has an MSc. (2014) specialising in invertebrate larvae from Rhodes University. He obtained a BSc. honours in Zoology and Botany from the Walter Sisulu University (2011) and is competent at deploying marine survey equipment in the field.
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MR MISUMZI MAKUNGA (RESEARCH ASSISTANT) completed his BTech degree in Environmental Management (2015) and has a national diploma from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2013). He has experience in data collecting, curatorship and environmental education.
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MS ZUKISA DLAKU (LABORATORY ASSISTANT) has a BTech degree (2011) and a National Diploma (2010) in Environmental Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. She focuses on the identification of marine benthic infauna.
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MS ANELISA MAKHOSONKE (LABORATORY ASSISTANT) completed a BTech in Environmental Management at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (2012) and has experience in the implementation of the Marine Living Resources Act, working with marine seabirds and handling marine invertebrate samples.
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MS JULIE HILL (ADMINISTRATOR) has 20 years of PA, human resources and administrative experience in NGO, corporate, retail and government environments. This is coupled with an HR Diploma and a diploma in Marketing Management.
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MR GRANT BENN (ASSOCIATE GIS EXPERT) has an MSc. in Conservation Biology (University of Cape Town, 1994) and a BSc. honours in Zoology (University of the Witwatersrand, 1991). His business, GeoCline Consulting cc, specialises in spatial data development, spatial analysis and modelling, and spatial system development.
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